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“Why men commit this crime?

Why men so desperate?

Males should change first!”

These are the most common words I hear from women staffers when I conduct my Power to Women Safety Empowerment sessions with various corporate across India.

Why men commit this crime?

Most of the men including me may not be perfect when it comes to dealing with women, but we ARE NOT criminals. We do not beat women up or rape them. So it’s important for women to understand NOT all men are criminals. When it comes of any other crime, we do not fix it into one gender like Do we ask why men commit robbery? In fact there have been many reported cases where women have been charged of raping men.

We need to understand people who commit such acts are either criminals. Period.

For example, in Facebook or other such campaigns where I see women or girls standing around holding cards in saying men should change… or my shorts skirt has nothing to do with you…

I do agree, that provocative dress-code do attract some level of attention, and may also have lead to eve-teasing in some cases. But on a deeper level, I have so many issues with those words.

  1. The words like these mis-interpret and mis-inform people who are reading it. It itself acknowledges to the wrong message that women in short skirts lead to rape, whereas the ground reality is that most of the rape happen when women are in dress-code like salwar kameez which is covering most of the body.
  2. Second, it’s indirectly suggesting that men who look at women in short skirts, end up raping them. All men are NOT criminals.

These words are written by people who are driven by emotions, fear and panic and they have no idea on the ground realities of such crimes.

Rape = Desperate lonely strange men?

Most of the rapist profile shows they are actually not strange lonely men. In fact, most of these criminals have families, sisters, mother, wife and even children.

I do not support criminals nor I am taking the side of men cause I am one. I am a Women Safety Specialist so all I want is to showcase the facts of these crimes and once we start to look at it as a crime, we will start dealing it as we deal with robbery or theft.

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