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Franklin Joseph: “Fear of how other men look at my women (as sluts)”

It’s sad to see so many cases of women sexual abuse is happening in India. Being a man, I can honestly say, the change has to come in the way the men think about women, especially the one in the family or loved ones or should I say, how they think others men would look at their women. I am not a saint when it comes to other women, so I guess I know little bit of what I am saying here. This is my point of view. Do excuse my English grammer mistakes! 🙂

For most father, it’s a normal family time when he sits on the couch with his family and watches any latest Hindi movie on television. Read more…

Franklin Joseph: “Eve-teasing is usually considered a non-issue in India. How does one change that perception?”

In my point of view, Eve-teasing is a clap with two hands. One women and another man. And no I am not saying clothes is the reason. I purely see the issue of Women related crime as objectively as possible and try not to take side of women or man perspective.

In this Guwahati incident, one TV channel asks me what can we do with these monsters. Interestingly, these men are not some serial rapists who escaped from jail. They were someone brother, someone son, someone husband or someone girl’s father. They were walking or riding bikes back from work or going to home when they see this girl half naked and helpless and they do not hesitate to grope her and enjoy doing it without any fear of being caught in camera. Read more…

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