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War against Rape: Does Blame Game help?

“Why men commit this crime?

Why men so desperate?

Males should change first!”

These are the most common words I hear from women staffers when I conduct my Power to Women Safety Empowerment sessions with various corporate across India.

Why men commit this crime?

Most of the men including me may not be perfect when it comes to dealing with women, but we ARE NOT criminals. Read more…

Franklin Joseph: “Women Self Defense – Male dominance even in safety for Women?” – Part 3

Continued article from our Power to Women Corporate Women Self Defense Workshops Website >> Part 2

There is an alarming increase in knife/gun crimes, sexual assaults, kidnapping and murders in our streets, home and workplace. Corporate female staff, house wives or young girls or children does not have the time to invest in year of martial arts nor the ladies wish to engage in a fist fight after work or in house. At the time of need, there is only one thing you can trust! Your instincts, reflexes and the core strength of being a human being being re-enforced with ‘Power to Women’ knowledge.

I am a social entrepreneur and a women safety empowerment specialist who has worked for more than 7+ years with children and women who were sexually and violently abused. I did research with my friend Mrs. Ottilie Kumar, a Women Psychologist to understand her point of view as a women, what she would feel before, during and after an violent sexual assault. Read more…

Franklin Joseph: “Fear of how other men look at my women (as sluts)”

It’s sad to see so many cases of women sexual abuse is happening in India. Being a man, I can honestly say, the change has to come in the way the men think about women, especially the one in the family or loved ones or should I say, how they think others men would look at their women. I am not a saint when it comes to other women, so I guess I know little bit of what I am saying here. This is my point of view. Do excuse my English grammer mistakes! 🙂

For most father, it’s a normal family time when he sits on the couch with his family and watches any latest Hindi movie on television. Read more…

Franklin Joseph: “Eve-teasing is usually considered a non-issue in India. How does one change that perception?”

In my point of view, Eve-teasing is a clap with two hands. One women and another man. And no I am not saying clothes is the reason. I purely see the issue of Women related crime as objectively as possible and try not to take side of women or man perspective.

In this Guwahati incident, one TV channel asks me what can we do with these monsters. Interestingly, these men are not some serial rapists who escaped from jail. They were someone brother, someone son, someone husband or someone girl’s father. They were walking or riding bikes back from work or going to home when they see this girl half naked and helpless and they do not hesitate to grope her and enjoy doing it without any fear of being caught in camera. Read more…

Franklin Joseph: “After Guwahati molestation, is Bangalore woman safe?”

No city is safe if we keep our guard down. National Crime Record Bureau has reported among 53 cities, Delhi (City) accounted for 13.3% (4,489) of total such crimes followed by Bengaluru 5.6% (1,890) and Hyderabad 5.5% (1,860). There is an alarming increase in knife/gun crimes, sexual assaults, kidnapping and murders in our streets, home and workplace especially against women. Corporate female, housewife, college or teenage girls does not have the time to invest years in martial arts training nor the ladies wish to engage in a fist fight. On top of that women have been told from their childhood that they have to be nice or they are weak or fragile. On top of that some women feel they are too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too timid or shy, too weak to handle the power, aggression, strength and size of a grown up man. Read more…

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