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In my point of view, Eve-teasing is a clap with two hands. One women and another man. And no I am not saying clothes is the reason. I purely see the issue of Women related crime as objectively as possible and try not to take side of women or man perspective.

In this Guwahati incident, one TV channel asks me what can we do with these monsters. Interestingly, these men are not some serial rapists who escaped from jail. They were someone brother, someone son, someone husband or someone girl’s father. They were walking or riding bikes back from work or going to home when they see this girl half naked and helpless and they do not hesitate to grope her and enjoy doing it without any fear of being caught in camera.

[] [Post] Few Examples

  • Every time a mother discriminate against a girl child in front of a boy child, the seed of such crime is always been planted in both minds. One sees himself as powerful and another as a weakling.
  • Every time we enjoy seeing a women abused in a sexual way on TV or movies and do not wish to talk about what we see with our children, we plant a seed where they might also replicate or become what they see on TV.

Communication and education of both women and men especially at the young age is the only way to stop crime against women. It’s a slow path and not as fancy as a martial arts demo class, but according to me and based on the results I can see in my participants, it’s the only path to a safer future for women in the fourth most dangerous country for women – India.

By Franklin Joseph

Mr. Franklin Joseph is social entrepreneur and a speaker on his ‘‘ workshops focused on creating Women Safety Awareness and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse against Women. He is also a Israeli trained Self Defense instructor since 2003 specializing in teaching women self defense. He has also intensively researched on before and after effects of women related abuse and crime scenarios during his 7 years working with non-profit organisation working on women and child abuse. His institute ‘BadAzz Combat Academy‘ has recently started Knife Fighting and Knife Self Defense training along with Ninja Kubaton Pocket Stick Self Defense and Collapsible Baton Self Defense training and Stop Crime against Women Electric Shock Stun Gun Training.


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