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No city is safe if we keep our guard down. National Crime Record Bureau has reported among 53 cities, Delhi (City) accounted for 13.3% (4,489) of total such crimes followed by Bengaluru 5.6% (1,890) and Hyderabad 5.5% (1,860). There is an alarming increase in knife/gun crimes, sexual assaults, kidnapping and murders in our streets, home and workplace especially against women. Corporate female, housewife, college or teenage girls does not have the time to invest years in martial arts training nor the ladies wish to engage in a fist fight. On top of that women have been told from their childhood that they have to be nice or they are weak or fragile. On top of that some women feel they are too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too timid or shy, too weak to handle the power, aggression, strength and size of a grown up man.

[] [Post] Martial arts can only teach punches and kicks which is most black and white example. kick and punch the bad guy. But in a real life scenario most of the time, these situations falls under the gray area example Can a 6 year old girl punch and kick a neighborly uncle who is abusing her where it does not feels a bad thing but more like a fun game? Can a 54 year old women kick in a small space of a bus or car wearing a sari with a small baby in her hand? Can a teenage or college girl want to engage in a fist fight with 30 men or even two men with knives? And whenever we imagine these scenarios or in martial arts training, we always tend to ignore the violence, pain and human emotional factors which goes hand and hand with such crimes. Thus making us unprepared and venerable for such crimes to happen to us.

At the time of need, there is only one thing you can trust! Your instincts, reflexes and the core strength of being a human being. Power of being a Women.

Bangalore can be made safe city only and if only we educate and create awareness within ourselves first.

Contact us for a ‘Power to Women’ workshop by calling Mr. Franklin Joseph at 9886769281 or email him at ‘Frank(@)’

Mr. Franklin Joseph is social entrepreneur and a speaker on his ‘‘ workshops focused on creating Women Safety Awareness and Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse against Women. He is also a Israeli trained Self Defense instructor since 2003 specializing in teaching women self defense. He has also intensively researched on before and after effects of women related abuse and crime scenarios during his 7 years working with non-profit organisation working on women and child abuse.

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